First Time for Du'val

Yet another spontaneous session occurred, and boy is this one a treat! 

After a very exciting meeting with The Gaff Magazine, we all ended up at the studio to get some of that "vibe" everyone seems to be getting from us...

And for Du'val's first visit to Ongaku Studios!

Watch and enjoy :)


Thank you Haggai (The Gaff Magazine) for the majority of the iPhone footage, as well as Ezra (The Gaff) on the drums, and Ibs (The Gaff) on the bass. And of course, the man himself, Du'val!

The Gaff

"TheGaff" is a independent media group that strive to explore the world of creative cultures. With a digital magazine, their dedicated team of creatives aim to showcase the heart & soul that outline originality and imagination in areas such as; Lifestyle, Music, Design and Fashion. Innovation and imagination keeps "TheGaff" driven to harness and portray each catagorey in the right way.

This week, The Gaff came to witness first-hand what Ongaku Studios is all about. Inevitably, an impromptu jam session took place! Here's a quick video clip of that moment!

Keep an eye out for The Gaff... You could be seeing us around!

In Testing

A 4am finish concludes an epic all nighter of testing and looking for any potential issues we want to avoid for future sessions, and thankfully, not many were found! 

A big Thank You to Muleya Sialwiindi (The Papers), Jamie Sandison (Jakabo) & Maria Megally (Jakabo) for helping and playing their tools of the trade for the studio!

A short clip of the night can be found on our front page at

See you all at the studio soon! 

Multiplier Visits Ongaku Studios

Multiplier is more than just a DJ. He’s a big personality with hands in all corners of the music industry. Some days he’ll be headlining shows internationally or running his label, other days you might find him producing chart topping sample packs or making YouTube videos for his 15,000 subscribers.

The other day Multiplier visited us and took a quick snap - which turned out to be a pretty sweet pic! So here it is. A Sneak preview! Excuse the mess...


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